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Take Action...

The Science of Happiness Program overview

Take Action

Taking action will move you from an idea or thought to a realization state. By the end of this Take Action section, you should discover where happiness really comes from. Here’s a hint…all your happiness in all areas of your life will come from YOU. Plain and simple - you can create your own happiness regardless of any situation you are facing. On your worksheet, create a section titled “My Life My Way” and write down some of the things you believe would make you happy based on your choices. Not choices based on what others think of you or choices you think will make others happy; but your own choices. Things you truly believe will create great memories for you when you are not at your happiest state of mind. These memories will serve you well when you are older and you can reflect back on them as well.

Take Action Project D/B/J

1. Read The Science of Happiness patch program overview at 2. Create a collage and title it #thescienceofhappiness - Use magazine cutouts or your own art work explaining Discovering Me, Connecting with Others and what you learned about happiness. 3. Take photos of your work and ask a trusted adult to share a picture of you and your work on

For C/S/A Only

Take Action - C/S/A Only

*Write a blog or create a vlog about what you experienced during this journey and completing the steps for this program. Your blog should consist of 50-100 words or your vlog should be 3 minutes or less and should include the reasons:

*Why you think this journey helped you learn about The Science of Happiness.

*What you learned from connecting with others about their happiest memories.

*How to be grateful for the simple things in life.

*Savoring the experiences and moments when you felt your happiest.

*What you did during your time of reflection and mindfulness (getting to know yourself).

*Share the experiences you encountered by completing this program.

*Take photos. *Create a display to be shared at your troop meeting, school or public event.

*List simple steps to becoming happy in the moment.


*Ask your caregiver to sign a permission slip allowing you to share your work on our blog. Review blog agreement here. Download permission slip here.

*Ask your caregiver to sign a permission slip allowing you to share your work on our vlog. Review vlog agreement here. Download permission slip here.

***Submit your blog/vlog write up to

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