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Party Equipment

Enjoy the safest and highest quality gear on the market.

All equipment is cleaned with 100% non-toxic organic cleaner.

Delivery & Setup

We deliver everything to you! Don't have a location? We will find and book an indoor or outdoor field for you, for a small fee.



Rental Coordinators

Experienced rental coordinators will teach everyone how to play and make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.



Book Mini Me Events and enjoy the party

Our team is ready help upon delivery. Ask any questions or suggest your preference and we will do our best to provide  solutions.



How does a rental work?

Glad you asked. You pick where you want to play, and we'll bring all the equipment to you. Our coordinators will set everything up and referee the games. You don't have to worry about a thing.

1) Submit a rental request with where you want to play, the date/time, what game you want, and any other party details. We'll recommend packages that fit your party.

2) We'll confirm our availability and get any last details from you.

3) You finalize or reserve the field/venue where you want to play. We can help if needed.

4) Pay a deposit (payment must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to event date or event will be considered cancelled and no refund will be provided.

5) PLAY!

To reserve your date and time, we request a $150 non-refundable deposit. Your remaining balance is due two weeks before your rental date. If you are requesting a date within two weeks, full payment is due upfront.

Prices start as low as $99 and depend on what package you select based on the number of people you have. We'll help you pick the right package. No hidden fees, taxes, or surprise charges...ever.

Can I book multiple activities for the same event?

Of course! It's encouraged. We call them bundle packages. Ask us about or 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 deals. You will be invoiced for entire package upon confirmation of all add ons.

How far in advice do I need to rent the equipment for my event?

We reccommend atleat 90-180 days in advance to ensure staffing and rental avaialbility. However, we can accommadate some short notice events based on avilability. Just ask and we will check our availability.

Do you hire seasonal staff? Best viewed on desktop.

Absolutely, we look for enthusiastic energetic people who enjoy working with children of all agesand help make their celebrations the best experiences ever! Our team members must be 18 or older with a vaild drivers license. Before applying view responsibilities here: Party Host Responsibilities You may apply here: Mini Me Events Application

What is the weather policy?

We cannot play in the rain, snow, or on wet fields. We also can't play outside in weather colder than 40 degrees. Fortunately, we have a free rescheduling policy in the event of bad weather or other conditions that prevent us from performing the rental that are out of the customer's control. Please see Rental Policies for complete policies.

Are there add-ons?

We offer a variety add-ons to help take your rental to the next level for a seperate fee:

Sound System

Mobile Party Room (tent, table, and chairs)

Photographer (seperate vendor)

Is it safe?

All of our games involve physical activity which means there is the potential for injury, just like playing soccer in the park. However, we've developed rules to reduce these risks and have trained staff to enforce these rules and ensure player safety. Less than 0.05% of the hundreds of people who've played with us reported any injuries.

What is the cancellation policy?

For any reason, you can reschedule your rental to another date throughout the year for free. If you wish to cancel your rental completely, you will be refunded your payment minus the $150 deposit. For our complete policies, please visit Rental Policies.

Why this for a birthday?

Stop doing the same old birthday party ideas. With our games, you'll wow your guests. And it's super easy to plan. You choose a place to play and invite guests. We'll do the rest.

BubbleBall - Questions

What is the age limit?

We have three sizes of bubbles so BubbleBall can be played by kids and adults of all sizes. We recommend all players be 6 years or older and weigh less than 250 lbs in order to participate. Please let us know in advance if any players are under 9 years of age or heavier than 225 lbs so we can bring the appropriate bubbles.

How many bubbles should I rent?

You do not need to rent as many bubbles as you have players. BubbleBall is tiring and we allow an unlimited number of players, so we often recommend renting less bubbles than the number of people taking turns. For example, ten bubble suits can comfortably entertain up to 15 people per hour. It takes just a few seconds to get in and out of a suit, so swapping out players is a breeze. We've worked with groups of over 150.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. Imagine wearing an air bag around you.

Pedal Go Kart - Questions

How many Go Karts can I rent? You may rent upto 12 Go Karts at a time. Depending on the party package you select and other activities at your event. You can entertain as many participants as possible by using the Go Karts in rotation. Our staff will provide wristbands for your participants and rotate groups by wristband teams, while other participant play with our Bubble Balls and Hoppers.

Hopper - Questions

What is the age limit?

There's no age limit for Hoppers! Kids younger than 6 may find hopping hard, but we can help.

How many Hoppers should I rent?

We can rent you up to 60 hoppers in all assorted colors and sizes. We find that's more than enough for most groups. With one ball, people can jump, bounce, play soccer and race. With two balls, we can race them!

How many people can play?

Our group events are set up for 20-24 participants. However, you must provide us a number of guests upon deposit so we may accommadate the group. If we feel your party is too large for your package we will reccommend other add-ons to you package with special pricing, so all your guests are happy players.

There is no maximum to the number of players. If you get less equipment than the number of players, we'll rotate people in and out and make sure everyone gets turns.

Frequently Asked Questions