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Gratitude 2.0

Remembering Life Before COVID

Gratitude may be one of the most impactful practices towards our well-being, especially now when our days of social distancing seem like a never ending treadmill.

Gratitude Email:

Being grateful for all the things in your life, great or small, will make your happiness level rise just by the mere thought of appreciating events, people, and even gestures towards others. Think back at all the wonderful experiences you had before social distancing became the new normal. Look through your photo gallery and view pictures and videos of things that made you happy, excited or simply made you smile. Share your gratitude with at least two or three people in your photo gallery for whatever experience you had with them. Send them an email thanking them for this experience and share the photo with them. This can be the start of a gratitude email tradition. You may create “Gratitude Mondays” where you send out an email to a few people you want to thank for being a part of your life. This simple act will not only raise your happiness level by at least a few points but will also raise others’ happiness levels and help you reach your goal of building your good memories and experiences for the future.

Listen to this guided Gratitude Meditation to practice gratitude daily, and then track your gratitude this week and share what you are grateful for.

Leave a comment below for all the things you discovered by practicing being grateful; for people in your life, experiences and things learned from them.

Email us at to share how being grateful benefitted you or how it made you feel.

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