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Who in the World?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Excerpt taken from the series: I AM A SAP @ Life by Jaydee Green®

Chapter 1: A Product of Our Environment

Take a moment to read “being a product of your environment” in my book I Am A SAP @ Work. That will give you an understanding as to why I have chosen to remind my readers why this topic is so true.

Your personality is made up of what you think, how you act and how you feel. This can be considered your personal guiding system. Your experiences and your personality create your reality. You create your life based on your personal guiding system. For example some things come out of you based on your habits. Your habits were created based on your daily environment, daily interactions and daily exercises or expressions. Therefore your reality or what you believe is real, is what creates your personality. Due to the environment you have lived in and have been nurtured in, has now created your belief system. Which now is influencing how you react in different situations.

Recognizing we are products of our environments is super important as we navigate through life. We think or believe that a lot of the actions we take, things we think as our own opinions or how we choose to treat others comes from our own make up. In other words we believe that everything we do is based out of our own decisions. When in actuality we are acting, reacting and making decision based on others belief system for us or dare I say biases. I want you to take some time and ask yourself the questions below and then take time to truly understand the answers to these questions. Recognize if you made these decisions on your own or based on other people’s influences.

Using your SOH journal answer these questions under the page marked "Take Action Step 1". Ask yourself:

· Why do I do what I do?

· Why do I think of others the way I do?

· Why do I live where I live?

· Why did I go to that particular school?

· Who is in my circle of friends or colleagues?

· Why am I so happy?

· Why am I so melancholy?

· Who am I, really?

· Do others see the real me or just who I pretend to be?

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