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The Science of Well Being Successful People Practice

Success begins with a plan. Take time to build an action plan for each area of your life. Reviewing your completed work in this program over and over again will create a new thought pattern about well being and success for you. Continue communicating with us at and share how this practice benefitted you or how it made you feel.


PRACTICE: Socially commit to your rewirement practices. Tell someone about the change you are trying to make. Feel free to share your commitment to action with us at Share with your trusted family and friends who care about your well being.

PRACTICE: Design your environment to set yourself up for success. Take a moment to consider situation support and brainstorm ways to promote productive environments and fix unproductive environments.

PRACTICE: Try your best to have a growth mindset. Think of this rewirement challenge as a learning experience and focus on your progress. Changing behaviors is hard but with a bit of effort and dedication you can improve your outcomes.

PRACTICE: Do what you know works for you. Make decisions that make you happy and explain to others that your happiness is top priority.

PRACTICE: Spending time with yourself and embracing your likes and dislikes. Learn a new skill or practice a new activity for a week to break an old routine.

PRACTICE: Review your action items 2-8, especially your gratitude journaling. You will be able to look back at your notes in times of need.

PRACTICE: Be mindful of your speech or thoughts about yourself. Only speak/think goodness and kindness about yourself. You are your best champion.

PRACTICE: Love yourself and your ways. You are uniquely and wonderfully made and you deserve happiness.

PRACTICE: Do the worksheets throughout this program; it can only enhance what you already know.

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