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The Science of Well Being Role Modeling

Role modeling behavior you want to see in yourself is not as hard as you may think. Looking to others who have succeeded in the field you want to accomplish is a great way to create a successful plan. After completing this activity, email us at and share how this practice benefitted you or how it made you feel.


Successful people are almost always all around us. But really happy people must be sought out of the crowd. Think of others you see as happy people in any particular area of their lives and ask to spend some time with them. Ask them out to a cup of coffee (your treat= kindness) or a 20 minute walk or a chat on the phone. Let them know you are completing this program and ask for feedback on the topic of happiness. Share the reasons you selected them for this experience. Your questions may look like the ones below.

Sample Questions Why are you always happy?

What do you do to make yourself happy? What do you do to keep yourself happy? Were you a happy child growing up? Are you always happy? If you ever get upset how do you become happy again?


Feeling Review & Practice Prior Actions Above

Negative emotion Exercise - Action 4

Lonely Volunteer/Random Act of Kindness - Action 3

Distracted or Anxious Meditate & Sleep - Action 4 & 5

Unhappy Socially Connect - Action 3

Feeling unworthy Practice Gratitude - Action 6

Can’t see the future Expecting Change - Action 7

Click here to access the Google Doc version of this worksheet.

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