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The Science of Well Being Measure Your Happiness


This worksheet will help you track your well being from day to day and help you keep track of learning and practicing the exercises throughout #thescienceofhappiness program. You may need to chat with someone from time to time about your progress or share any ideas, thoughts or concerns. You may share your comments by emailing


RATE HOW HAPPY YOU ARE: 1-5 Overall _____


By measuring your happiness at the start of this program, your score will act as a baseline measurement to compare to later on. On a scale of 1-5, how happy are you with your life right now? _______

NOTE YOUR SCORES: Write your survey results below and note today’s date here:_______

Rate your happiness level: 0 (lowest positive) - 10 (highest positive)

Positive emotions _____ Engagement _____ Relationships _____ Meaning _____

Accomplishment _____ Health _____ Negative emotions _____ Loneliness _____

Overall Well Being _____

USE YOUR SIGNATURE STRENGTHS: Determine your signature strengths and make a list of ideas on how to use them. Once you have discovered your top strengths, try to use them in new ways every day for a week. This is how you recognize your authentic happiness.


__________________ ___________________ _________________ ______________ __________________ ___________________ _________________ ______________

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Track your progress below. Each line represents a day of the week and you can label the date using the lines provided. Make a mark under the lines on days you completed the rewirement – shade in a circle, write a check mark, draw a smiley face, initial, or whatever you want. Get creative! Ultimately, you will know what types of visual cues are best for you. How well did you do using your positive emotions and signature strengths?

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

*Rewirement=Rethinking or rewiring your brain to think differently.

Click here to access a Google Doc version of this worksheet.

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