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The Science of Well Being Gratitude Letter/Visit

Gratitude may be one of the most impactful practices towards our well being. Being grateful for all the things great or small in your life will make your happiness level rise just by the mere thought of appreciating events, people, and even gestures towards others. Track your gratitude this week and share what you are grateful for; email us at and share how being grateful benefitted you or how it made you feel.


One of your last rewirements is one that research suggests will have a big impact on your happiness and that of another person. This week, write a letter of gratitude to someone you care about. For this assignment, think of one living person who has made a big difference in your life, but whom you never properly thanked. Then, find a quiet spot when you have a half-hour free and write a heartfelt letter to that person explaining how he or she has touched your life and why he or she is meaningful to you. Your letter can be as long as you want, but try to make it at least 300 words or so. Then, you must deliver that letter to the person in question. Just say you want to talk to that person without explaining why. You could read the letter to your chosen person over the phone or Skype, but for an extra huge happiness boost, we recommend scheduling a time to visit this person to share your letter. However you meet up, you should read the letter aloud. We also recommend that you both have some tissues handy for this one. A gratitude letter is one of the most powerful tools for increasing happiness because it can forge social bonds and really change someone’s life.

Did you do this rewirement? Date: Letter:________ Visit: _________

GRATITUDE EXTENDED: Take 10 minutes each day and find something in your home you received from someone. It doesn’t matter the size, price or experience; simply look at the item and think about the person you received it from. Think how grateful you are to have received this from this particular person and how it makes you feel. Track your experience below.

TRACK YOUR GRATITUDE PROGRESS: Track your progress below. Each line represents a day of the week and you can label the date using the lines provided. Make a mark under the lines on days you completed the rewirement – shade in a circle, write a check mark, draw a smiley face, initial, or whatever you want. Get creative! Ultimately, you will know what types of visual cues are best for you. How well did you do using your positive emotions and signature strengths?

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Click here to access the Google Doc version of this worksheet.

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Jun 18, 2020

This experience has given me a new way of measuring the experiences I am grateful for not things but people and experiences...Thank You❤

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