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The Science of Well Being Expecting Change

Expecting change is just as important as all the work you have committed to and completed in the last few weeks. You have every right and insight to expect change. Expect changes in your moods, your social connections and gratitude. This week we challenge you to list all the things you may see change, great or small, and email us at and share how these practices have changed your life, habits or thinking in any way.

Activity 7 EXPECTING CHANGE The hope is that by this point in the course, you have sampled several rewirements such as: using your strengths, savoring experiences, keeping a gratitude journal, connecting to others, performing kindness for others, exercising and sleeping more, meditating, and writing a gratitude letter and extending the gratitude practice.

Your expectations mean a lot in the next few weeks. Participating in this program took a lot of effort, time and commitment. Not just commitment to the program but to your well being. From week to week, review the exercises and practice them over and over again until you feel the change in you. Look for changes in any aspect of your life where you stop negative thoughts, change your way of thinking or even if you just practice quieting your mind more often by meditating.

We want you to know this work takes practice, patience and being kind to yourself. You are and should be the most important person in your world. Taking time to practice these exercises or activities should be your top priority. WE cannot promise you will change over night. But we do promise you will change and you should expect changes in your life as well.

Practice Creates Well Being: Make a plan! Think about how many times you will do your rewirement, when will you do it, where will you do it, who will you do it with? Having concrete answers to these questions will help you stick to your plan. Ask a close friend to join you on this program: Do the program together and hold each other accountable for each rewirement practice.

✔Rewirement Practice Completed by Me Completed by My Friend Savoring & Gratitude Random Acts of Kindness Social Connection Exercise & Sleep Meditate Expecting Change

Click here to access the Google Doc version of this worksheet.

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