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Remembering Life Before COVID-19


Stepping outside of our present interactions and revisiting the things we enjoyed before COVID-19 should not make us unhappy. Remembering things we enjoyed before social distancing and our new virtual lifestyles can indeed bring us joy. By spending a few moments each day reminiscing on dates we had, time we spent with our classmates, coworkers or friends and family, can bring a smile to our faces or at least our hearts. Taking time to look through your phone of old photos or reading old birthday cards or well wishes from our friends or family can bring our happiness level up on a daily basis. Special moments well-spent in the past, can enrich our future, if we practiced savoring those moments while they were happening. It is important to continue practicing savoring the great experiences in our lives as they are happening in that present moment. This practice will fill our happiness bank account to cash out on those blue, rainy days.

You may say, "Yes, that sounds great, but I don’t have any friends, how will this help me?” My reply is that your savoring experiences don't come from people alone. You can savor:

  1. A 5K experience you participated in with like-minded people.

  2. A delicious meal you made yourself or shared with someone.

  3. Reviewing an old book you’ve read or a movie you watched.

Your experience may comprise of many different things; the point is to stay present and savor those moments as those are good, healthy and future memories in the bank. Listen to this visualization practice from the teachings of Dr. Rick Hansen on visualizing and Taking In The Good.

If you would like to share some memories you’ve savored with us, email us at

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