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Meditate 2.0

Remembering Life Before COVID

Practicing meditation helps us quiet the mind. Our environment is full of distractions. Although some distractions are good for our well-being, not all help us when trying to achieve any particular goal in mind.


If you have tried practicing this step in our Science of Happiness program, then you know how valuable this step is in your everyday life. If you’ve tried meditation and can’t seem to get into the groove of it or feel you're doing something wrong, I am here to tell you to stay with it. I promise you it will prove to be the best 10-60 minutes you ever invested into yourself.

One of the great things that has flourished in my life during this pandemic is that I’d always find ways to talk myself out of practicing meditation. I read about it, I tried it all the time but never really committed to it on a regular basis. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it. Meditating gives me back my “me” time! With so many things, people and projects pulling at me all day long, I look forward to when I can escape to my time away from everything and spend some quiet time alone; just breathing, not thinking about a deadline or doing things for others. I spend at least 10-20 minutes a day in a quiet space alone just enjoying the sounds of nature, listening to my breath and knowing that I need this time for my mental health.

Meditation is a practice of intentionally turning your attention away from distracting thoughts toward a single point of reference (e.g., the breath, bodily sensations, compassion, a specific thought, etc.). Research shows that meditation can have a number of positive benefits, including more positive moods, increased concentration, and more feelings of social connection. Spend (at least) 10 minutes per day meditating, until you can increase by five more minutes weekly. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed while you’re meditating and simply enjoy your "me" time!

Use the body scan guided meditations available on SoundCloud. And remember— meditation isn’t about the meditation itself; it’s about building a skill that we can use later.

You may also use this Body Scan Meditation video to help you get started on this practice.

Leave a comment below and share what your meditation felt like or email us at if you would like more practice time.

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