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Exercise 2.0

Remembering Life before COVID

Because research suggests that ~30 minutes a day of exercise can boost your mood in addition to making your body healthier, now, more than ever, it is important to help our bodies feel better by exercising!


If you watch, read or listen to the news like most people do almost every single day, then you are aware of how limited we are in the places, people and things we can entertain. This, I am sure, isn’t helping you feel your best self. Although we need to stay abreast of everything going on around us, we need to take many, many steps away from all media that envelop all of our goings and comings.

Exercising is one of the best ways to get your life before COVID back! I love to exercise by dancing. It helps my body release the feel good endorphins that my body needs to feel better; it helps me feel better about myself because I did something for me. Research shows that helping others makes us happier people, however, we should set time aside for our well being and happiness, too! We all wish we could have clones to do all the time consuming things we don’t want to do. But the truth is, even if you had a clone, you’d still have to do all these steps yourself because no one can do this for your body’s well being. Only you can burn your calories and make your body release the feel good endorphins.

Learn a little more about why exercise is important for boosting your happiness by viewing this short video about What Happens Inside Your Body When you Exercise created by The British Heart Foundation.

Leave a comment below and share some results from your exercise routine or email us at

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