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Discovering Me...

The Science of Happiness Program Overview

Discovering Me

Knowing who you are, your likes and dislikes are a great part of The Science of Happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a feeling you can tap into by simply thinking of a time you shared with friends or a time you helped someone in your community and how they expressed their gratitude towards you. If you think back on the experiences that made you the happiest, you’ll find that those times may not have included a lot of things. Those happy times or moments were made up of experiences, not things. Although people believe that things will make them happy, on this journey you will soon find out that things are simply just things.

Self-Awareness D/B/J

1. Read The Science of Happiness patch program overview. 2. Write what the paragraph above means to you. Optional: Write down the things you love about yourself. Optional: Draw a picture of what makes you happy and why.

For C/S/A Only

Spend a few minutes each day of the week using these titles below to prompt your writing.

*Who am I?

*About my family…

*Things I like…

*Things I dislike…

*My friends…

*My environment…

*Things I question…

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