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Connecting with Others...

The Science of Happiness Program overview

Connecting with Others

This section of the program may be a little challenging, as most people don’t go around thinking of their happiest memories on a day to day basis. These shared memories may come from different spaces and times in a person’s life, work, education, summer camp or family story. Be ready to take notes on your worksheet; this will help a great deal with your Take Action project.

Savoring D/B/J

1. Connect with a trusted adult, parent, caregiver, or counselor and share some of the things you’ve discovered about yourself throughout your Discovering Me process.

2. Ask your trusted adult or caregiver ”what are some of the things that made them happy at any point in their lives?” Take notes on your worksheet.

For C/S/A Only

*Connect with a person or group of people (virtually, via phone, Zoom, Skype or other platform of your choice) that you don’t typically spend time with.

*Ask permission to spend some time with them and ask them to share some happy memories with you.

*Ask permission to take notes. Share with this person or group of people that you are completing steps for this program and you would like to gather as much information as possible for your Take Action project.

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