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Have some fun learning about building your own business!

1. Come up with an idea for your business

2. Make your idea even better

3. Pitch your idea

4. Redesign or adjust your idea based on feedback

5. Show off your prototype

When you’ve earned this badge, you will have come up with a business idea, designed it, made it better, and shared it— just like an entrepreneur.

These online workshops and kits will include directions and all materials needed to earn the Badges for each Girl Scout level. The online workshop will require computers to do things such as watch videos. If you have ordered for a troop, you will be mailed or pick up supplies for your entire troop to complete the badge. Kit's will be mailed or picked up on Wednesdays at APFG starting the first week of each month and ending the last week of each month. You will be notified of pick up times or once your kit has been mailed.





Entrepreneur Badge Kit

  • (Daisy )

    Kit includes: Online Workshop email link, badge by grade level, and instruction sheets for completing your work, grade level supplies such as different toy parts and pieces for designing a new toy.

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