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Kindness 2.0

Kindness Exercised:

Kindness and social connections are not just for others' benefits. We all benefit from being kind and connecting with others.


If our current state of affairs is giving you the blues, consider practicing random acts of kindness. Research shows that happy people are motivated to do kind things for others. Although you may not be motivated to practice acts of kindness, you will find that doing something whether you feel like it or not will eventually pay off in the happiness department. You will begin to recognize how fortunate you are when you are doing things for others:

  1. Helping someone with their groceries.

  2. Offering someone a helping hand when they are struggling.

  3. Offering to wash someone’s car or cutting their grass.

  4. Helping someone move in or out.

You may think people may not like charity but helping others will not only make you feel good but it makes others feel good as well. These acts of kindness gives others hope that the world and most people in it are still good and kind. Studies also show that while we and the receiver benefit from our act of kindness, bystanders watching our act of kindness in action also benefit just by watching. When I learned this, my heart leaped with joy just learning that this step can make such an impact on so many people at once.

“Imagine all the years we thought we should do our good deeds in secret so we don’t look like we’re showing off. But now studies show that when I help Mrs. Thompson out with her groceries, or collect food for a food drive and invite others to participate or strangers see me practicing the act of kindness in my community, they too can become happier by seeing this happen. I think this step is so amazing because it is triple fold...I am happy to help others, the receiver is happy to receive the help and the bystander, watcher or listener is also happier.” - J. Brooks

Watch Simple Act of Kindness by Jared Asher to see the return on your kindness investment.

Take a few moments and think of things you might help others with and check things off as you complete them. You will find yourself smiling and feeling good after your acts of kindness list is complete. Enlist your children, spouse or family members on one of your acts of kindness and share the “happiness wealth”.

If you would like to share some acts of kindness you have completed, email us at

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